About us

About our Service

We are a professional sports advisory service that provides sports bettors with winning selections in all major sports by releasing what we consider to be the highest rated games on the board for that day. With over 20 years experience; we use money mgmt. and psychology more than hype; stats and trends; ect. as a lot of other services do. We play every game we release so rest assured; we want to win as much as our customers do. One of the big reason we win is because we only release games that are worth betting on. We do not release games just to gamble. If the Monday night football game is not a good play; we will not play it just because everyone loves to play on the mnf game; or to make more sales. We are very confident in our plays; and do not have to push if it is not a good play. On any given day; we might have only 1 play. Another day; we might have 8 plays. It just depends on the card. We accept the fact that WE WILL NOT WIN EVERY GAME. It is impossible to do this; and if you expect this; we are not the service for you. We are in this for the long haul; as everyone loses from time to time.

About our Plays

All of our customers receive the same plays weather you are a huge player; or a smaller one. A winning week;is a winner; no matter the size of your bankroll. The “ yeah “ factor is still the same when you get paid. When we have awesome seasons we will CRUSH your book. When having an average season; we do not get crushed. This is where only picking the best games and money mgmt. come into play. We NEVER have a 10,000,000.00 lock of the year game. When people win these type of games; great. But when you lose ( and you were mostly likely already down ); you get crushed. Been there… done that. Our money mgmt. system is very simple. We release 1-4 star personal plays; that’s it.(OUR RECORDS ARE KEPT; BY WHAT LINE WE HAVE BET; AND POSTED. WE CANNOT CONTROL LINE CHANGES; AFTER OUR PLAYS HAVE BEEN POSTED.) Please remember; the difference between us and other so-called handicappers; is we also play every game we release including free plays. Bottom line is….. We are here to win money just as you are.

On our personal bets; we play 250.00 ( 1 star); 500.00 (2 star); and 1000.00 (3 star), 2,000.00 (on the rare, 4 star). Adjust to your bankroll; and bet the same way.

Good luck to all; and we hope to see you winning with us soon